Supporting the Protection & Participation of Women Human Rights Defenders from Conflict and Crisis-Affected Countries

The WPHF Funding Window for WHRDs

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Together with its UN and INGO partners – in close collaboration with Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) from conflict and crisis-affected countries – the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund has launched a funding window to support the protection and enhance the safe participation of WHRDs in peacebuilding efforts across the globe.

The WPHF Funding Window for WHRDs provides – in partnership with non-governmental organizations – rapid, flexible funding and direct logistical support to WHRDs from crisis and conflict-affected areas, working at community, national, regional and/or international levels.

Women Human Rights Defenders supported through this window include women or those who identify as women who individually or in association / coalition with others, formally or informally, act to promote or protect human rights, including women’s rights, in a peaceful manner, at the local, national, regional, and international level in conflict and crisis affected contexts. 

*As per the definition of human rights defenders of the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner and Based on the UN Special Rapporteur Reports about human rights defenders A/HRC/16/44 (2010) para 30 and A/HRC/40/60 (2019), para 12 and UN General Assembly resolution 68/181 (2013). 

The WPHF Funding Window for Women Human Rights Defenders provides support to WHRDs through two funding streams:

  1. Advocacy Support (through direct logistical assistance): to arrange and cover for logistical expenses (transportation, visa fees, accommodation, translation, daily subsistence allowance, accessibility for WHRDs with disability) to participate in, either individually or as a delegation, a meeting, event or decision-making process, at the national, regional or international level, which contributes to advancing human rights and peace.

    Advocacy Support Stream: Now Open

  2. Safety Net (through flexible fundingUp to a maximum of US $10,000): to cover urgent costs such as short-term livelihood and protection expenses including (but not limited to):  equipment (computers, security cameras), internet, self-care, legal assistance, relocation costs, etc..
For general information on the WPHF Funding Window for WHRDs, please contact

Explore these resources to learn more about the WPHF Funding Window for Women Human Rights Defenders and its objectives.

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