Safety Net (Flexible Funding)

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Safety Net funding is for individual women human rights defenders (WHRDs) from or working in conflict and crisis affected countries, who, due to their commitments to human rights and peace, currently face – or have faced risks – with resulting impacts that continue to threaten their safety and work.


The WPHF Window for WHRDs Safety Net aims to improve the security and protection of WHRDs by providing for, but not limited to: 

  • Temporary relocation costs (e.g. accommodation, food and transportation) 
  • Security and protection costs (e.g. secure transportation, digital or physical security training) 
  • Equipment (e.g. mobile phone, computer, security system and cameras) 
  • Self-care (e.g. physical or mental health support) 
  • Legal assistance  
  • Repatriation costs, to facilitate return and reintegration in home country

Safety Net grants are provided for amounts up to USD 10,000 (subject to revision by the NGO partners of the WPHF Window for WHRDs) to cover needs for a duration of up to six months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Gender: women and those who identify as women. This includes lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) human rights defenders.
  • Age: 18 years old and above. 
  • Country of origin: from/working in conflict and crisis-affected contexts. *See for reference countries that might be eligible for support: List of matters of which the UN Security Council is seized: S/2023/10. 
  • Human rights activities: provides details of peaceful engagement in the advancement of human rights, either individually or through a civil society organization.
  • Threats and risks: 
    • Demonstrates current or past serious security risks for her and/or her dependents, because of her commitment to human rights and peace; AND/OR
    • Demonstrates that risks are – or have been such – that her ability to keep working on behalf of human rights and peace is threatened.
  • Grant and duration: the requested funding cannot exceed USD 10,000, or cover needs beyond an anticipated 6-month period. 

Due to a high number of applications, please note that there is a temporary delay in delivering Safety Net grants for Sudan. Our NGO partners will contact approved applications.

Decision-making process

You can submit your application using one of the two below methods below

Offline: click the below button to download a Word version of this formthen email it to 


Online:complete the secure, data encrypted application form below, then click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page.


There is no deadline for applications. The Window for WHRDs is demand-driven and accepts requests on a rolling basis. 

Following your submission, you will receive a receipt confirmation email. If your request for support is short-listed for consideration, it will be shared with the NGO partners of the WPHF Window for WHRDs for further review, who will contact you. They reserve the right to ask additional questions, adjust the budget requested, apply their own criteria, and make a final decision. Being contacted by an NGO does not mean you will automatically receive a grant. 

Please ensure that the contact information you provide the WPHF is secure and that you are comfortable being contacted this way. If you fear that our digital communications are being monitored, we encourage you to use a secure computer and internet connection or open a separate and private email account. For further information on safe online communication, please see: We also encourage you to visit: to access 24/7 help in multiple languages to protect yourself online.

Please note that there is a temporary delay in delivering Safety Net grants for Afghanistan. Approved applications will be contacted by our NGO partners. 

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