The Rapid Response Window on Women's Participation in Peace Processes and Peace Agreements

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The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) has launched a Rapid Response Window (RRW) to address the funding gap on women’s participation in formal peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements.

The WPHF RRW provides financing for strategic, short term and urgent services and initiatives led by women peacebuilders and women’s civil society organizations to increase women’s influence in national, subnational and international formal peace processes. The WPHF RRW does not support community-focused initiatives and is not intended to fund medium or long-term peacebuilding initiatives.

This new funding mechanism is open to formal peace processes in all  ODA eligible countries with a track 1 or track 2 peace process or implementation of a peace agreement. See definitions of peace process, track 1, track 2 and implementation of peace agreement here.

The WPHF RRW is open to receive proposals for maximum duration of six months through two available streams:

  • Direct Support Stream (up to $25,000 USD – this is not a grant and no funding will be provided to the beneficiaries)

The WPHF RRW or RRW INGO partners pay for costs directly so that the required service is provided rapidly. Once the WPHF RRW or RRW INGO partners pay for the service, the CSO/women peacebuilders use the service to support their work on women’s meaningful participation in peace processes or peace agreement implementation.

This includes logistical and technical support that would increase the likelihood of a woman CSO representative/woman peacebuilder to actively participate in or influence a peace process or the implementation of a peace agreement — such as the cost of childcare, access for persons with disabilities, interpretation needs, expert advisory support, travels arrangements, etc.

Please note that successful applicants receive services, not a grant. Services will be purchased and arranged directly from the WPHF RRW Secretariat or one of its partners on behalf of selected applicants.

Apply for Direct Support Stream

The WPHF RRW works with a range of INGO partners to deliver rapid grants for women’s civil society organizations’ projects that address diverse barriers to women’s influence and participation in Track 1 or Track 2 peace processes, or the implementation of a peace agreement. 

Apply for Short-Term Grants Stream

Please note that organizations can apply for both Direct Support and Short-Term Grant at the same time. If you are applying for both, you must submit a separate application form using the appropriate templates.

There is no deadline for applications. The RRW is demand-driven and accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Eligibility Criteria

Do you represent a local or national civil society organization (especially women-led) seeking to increase women’s participation in a specific track 1 or track 2 formal peace process, or specific peace agreement monitoring and implementation mechanisms?

Are you a woman peacebuilder seeking to influence or participate to a specific track 1 or track 2 formal peace process, or specific peace agreement monitoring and implementation mechanisms?

Find out more details on who can apply Meet some of our RRW partners

Apply for support today

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Email your application to WPHF-RRW@UNWOMEN.ORG.