The WPHF aims to directly influence gender inclusion and gender responsiveness in Myanmar’s peacebuilding efforts.

The Added Value of the WPHF

In Myanmar, the WPHF aims to empower CSOs at national and local levels to intervene in critical policy-making processes.


Myanmar is characterized by a long-standing civil war between the state and a large number of ethnic armed organizations (EAOs). Myanmar’s conflicts are set against the backdrop of political transition from military rule to a rapid opening of economic, social and cultural spheres to the outside world. The nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA) signed between the Myanmar government and eight EAOs provides a fresh opportunity to resolve the country’s civil war and build sustained peace.

The Issue

Women in Myanmar face systemic barriers to their realization of rights, including domestic, sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), trafficking, and forced marriage. Women and girls in Myanmar are also disproportionately impacted by conflict, including as civilian casualties, refugees, targets of SGBV, and forced labor.

They face recovery challenges given pre-existing vulnerabilities, such as limited access to livelihoods, finance and weak representation in local level and national level decision-making. Meaningful progress for gender equality and women’s empowerment is stymied by entrenched patriarchal attitudes, policy-practice gaps, and weak domestic legislation.

Complementarities & Partnerships

Myanmar civil society includes community-based social associations, nongovernmental organizations and social and political movements, including grassroots organizations and national networks that are women-led, addressing issues of gender equality, violence and participation. Although civil society in Myanmar operates in a gradually democratizing space, women CSOs face continued challenges around registration, freedom of assembly and expression.

The WPHF aims to fund civil society actors from ethnic women’s organizations and broad-based civil society peace forums, providing critical platforms where women can effectively influence their country’s peacebuilding agenda.

In Myanmar, the WPHF will specifically focus on:

  1. Improving attitudes towards gender issues and women’s leadership in governance and development.
  2. Linking national and local civil society initiatives relating to women, peace and security (WPS) and engaging women CSOs in the peace process to increase sustainability and popular support for peacebuilding interventions across the country.

Funding Needs

$4,000,000 over 2 years

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