Global: Call for Interest for New Civil Society Members, Join the WPHF Board

21 October 2021

The civil society members of the WPHF Funding Board are seeking two international/ regional civil society organisations to join the board for the following two-year term 2022-2024.

Self-nominations from organisations working on Women, Peace and Security at the regional and / or international level (particularly Southern-led) are especially encouraged to apply.

Composed of representatives from donors, United Nations entities, and civil society organizations, the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) is a global pooled funding mechanism which aims to re-energize action and stimulate a significant increase in financing for women’s participation, leadership, and empowerment in peace and security processes and humanitarian response. WPHF’s funding is exclusively directed at civil society organizations.

The WPHF’s primary goal is to bring about peaceful and gender equal societies. The specific objectives are to:

  1. Promote an enabling environment for WPS commitments.
  2. Support women’s participation in decision-making processes and responses related to conflict prevention.
  3. Increase women’s engagement and leadership in humanitarian action.
  4. Enhance women’s representation and leadership in formal and informal peace negotiations.
  5. Protect women and girls’ human rights; and
  6. Promote women’s involvement in economic recovery of their communities.

Since its launch in 2016, WPHF has mobilized over $55 million, has supported over 400 civil society organizations and is present in 26 conflict and crisis-affected countries across the globe. WPHF currently provides flexible and quality financing to local women-led and women’s rights organizations building peace and responding to crises through (1) its Regular Funding Cycle, (2) COVID-19 Emergency Response Window, and (3) Rapid Response Window on Women in Peace Processes and (4) its new Funding Window on Women Human Rights Defenders.

More information, including on the current CSO Funding Board Members, is available at &

Responsibilities of civil society members of the WPHF Board

The WPHF is governed by a Funding Board at the global level, which is comprised of four UN entities, four donor Member States, as well as four Civil Society Organizations, who all have equal responsibility and authority in decision making and guidance.

The primary responsibility of a civil society member of the WPHF Global Board is to contribute to decision-making on priority countries and general policies and direction of the fund, as well as to support promotion and fundraising efforts of the fund. This is achieved through:

  • Participation in expert level and principal level meetings of the WPHF Global Funding Board (The principal level meetings are held once a year and the expert level meetings are held quarterly – on the average);
  • Contribution to decision-making on list of WPHF eligible countries and on Fund’s investments across all funding windows
  • Presentation of the views of her/his network/organization regarding funding for civil society organizations engaged in WPS and humanitarian work during meetings.
  • Dissemination of information regarding calls for proposals by the WPHF;
  • Generation of support for the WPHF from donors, Member States and other stakeholders for them to contribute to the Fund;
  • Contribution to the visibility of WPHF through presentation in meetings, conferences, and other events as well as social media; and
  • Consultation with other CSOs to improve the work of the WPHF.

More information about the role of the Global Funding Board and the role of CSO board members in the decision making processes can be found in the WPHF Operations Manual.

The term would begin on January 1, 2022 and finish December 31, 2024.

Process for Submitting Interest

Interested civil society organisations can self-nominate to join the WPHF Funding Board as a civil society member by completing this google form .

Please note that the working language in the funding board is English.

The deadline for submissions is November 19, 2021

Submitted self-nominations will be reviewed by the current CSO board members.

We hope to announce the final selection of the CSO board by December 17.

For questions regarding the application process, please write to

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