Support women.
Prevent crises.
Build peace.

Invest In Women Leading Climate Action

We galvanize funding from across the globe to support women who prevent conflict, respond to crises, and accelerate peace in their communities.

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Our work resolving local disputes makes me feel confident and powerful, and I can see the positive impact we’re having in my community.

WPHF is the first global mechanism to stimulate funding for women to address conflict & humanitarian crises around the world.

Through my work, I can see how much I've helped people. I want to inspire other women and let them know they can do the same.

Since launching our #1000WomenLeaders campaign in March 2021, we've met and surpassed our goal of supporting 1,000 women and their organizations in fragile settings. We wish to thank our donors for their partnership and continued support to local women on the front lines.

Together, we can re-energize action for women responding to crises worldwide.

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