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1,000 Women Leaders

The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund has a bold new goal to support 1,000 women leaders in 1,000 crisis-affected communities around the world.



The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) supports women leaders and their local organizations to build peace and respond to the world’s most urgent crises.

When women peacebuilders, humanitarians and human rights defenders are adequately financed, their impact is exponential. Despite this, the work of women leaders on the frontlines is dramatically underfunded worldwide. Join WPHF to support #1000WomenLeaders working on the frontlines to respond to crises and build peace.

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Local women leaders have transformative impact and serve as powerful agents of change on the front lines of conflict and crises.

The WPHF #1000WomenLeaders Campaign is mobilizing the reach and influence of a range of partners to invest in local women leaders’ untapped potential, highlight their impact, amplify their voices and recognize their agency to build a more peaceful and gender-equal world.

Women Leaders and their Organizations Supported

A Global Vision

Investing in the work of women civil-society leaders can yield remarkable dividends towards a more peaceful, inclusive and gender-equal world. By the end of 2025, WPHF aims to invest in 1,000 women leaders in 1,000 crisis-affected communities through contributions to 5 key areas:

Mobilize Financing to Support their Work

Strengthen their Institutional Capacity

Drive Innovation, Connection & Community

Amplify their Voices, Priorities and Impact

Advocate for their Rights, Recognition & Influence


“Let us galvanize the donor community’s support for universal compliance with the target of allocating a minimum of 15% of official development assistance to conflict-affected countries to advancing gender equality … including multiplying by five direct assistance to women’s organizations, currently at 0.2%.”

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WPHF is financing local women leaders working to prevent conflict, respond to humanitarian emergencies and build lasting peace. Learn more about the impact of women leaders we support around the world.

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WPHF has collaborated with visionary illustrator Ariel Sinha to spotlight women leaders who are changing the world.

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The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund has a bold new goal to support 1,000 women leaders in 1,000 crises-affected communities around the world.