In Her Own Words

Léa Babite Inyobondaye , Democratic Republic of Congo

“Women are an essential driving force for the consolidation of peace over time. The whole community must feel included for a lasting peace.”

Léa Babite Inyobondaye works as a Programme Officer at Actions for the Social Reintegration of Women (ARSF), a WPHF partner combating injustices and all forms of violence against women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Illiteracy is one of the major ills that plague women living in rural areas. And the habits and customs which consider men more important to the detriment of women remains a sad reality.”

ARSF promotes equal power relations and women’s socio-economic recovery to consolidate peace in Walungu territory through education campaigns on women’s rights, trainings and psycho-social and economic support for women victims of gender-based violence.

“In a society in which a young girl is expelled from high school because she is pregnant while the boy continues to study. In a society where to be hired you have to be related to the recruiter, or get sexually harassed because you are a woman. We have the obligation to push for change.”

Since 60% of households are headed by women in rural DRC, supporting their economic empowerment is crucial in addition to involving women in conflict prevention.

As a youth leader, Léa is committed to human development. She has created an economic interest group to foster youth agricultural employment in her region.

“Ethiopian scientist Segenet Kelemu inspires me with her courage to brave the limits imposed by our society. While some people believe that the solution must necessarily come from outside, she has shown that we are better placed to provide our own solutions.”