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The WPHF RRW aims to empower women peacebuilders and women’s civil society organizations to define their strategies and lead their initiatives. In order to learn from them, strengthen their capacities in a sustainable manner, and create a virtuous circle, both funding streams – (i) Direct Support and (ii) Short-Term Grants – benefit from partnerships with INGOs.

INGO partners will contribute to swiftly identify the needs and type of support to be provided to local and national NGOs, and will support the implementation of successful RRW proposals through:

  • Management of grants for Short-Term Grants;
  • Management of logistical arrangements for Direct Support;
  • Providing technical & strategic support;
  • Providing capacity-building, guidance, and support on knowledge management, monitoring & evaluation, and reporting.

WPHF RRW is partnering with the following INGOs:

Please note that it is not necessary to have a partnership with, or be sponsored/mentored by, one of THE WPHF RRW’s INGO partners to apply for WPHF RRW streams.