Meet Sanaa Shbaita

With 30 years of experience in advocating for women’s rights and gender equality, Sanaa Shbaita, is strongly committed to defending Palestinian women’s dignity and elevating their status in society. Known for her work with the Palestinian Federation of the Women’s Action Committee, she is part of the administrative body of the Union of Palestinian Women, a member of the National Committee for Women’s Employment, and the coordinator of the Protection section of the Network of Civil Society Organizations in Palestine.  

Sanaa is the chair of the board of the Mothers’ School Society (MSS) and has produced critical policy papers on protection mechanisms for women working in the informal sector while leading impactful advocacy campaigns for a minimum wage for Palestinian women working in the informal sector in crisis and emergency contexts.

Sanaa Shbaita from Mother’s School Society (MSS), together with Ghada Shadid from Canaaniat Association for Development, will conduct capacity strengthening trainings on conflict resolution and crisis management and response, as well as an advocacy campaign on the concept of loss and how it affects Palestinian women in crisis settings. The trainings will target both teams and their networks of grassroots CSO partners in their respective villages.