Meet Régine Zéphirin Diègue

Régine Zéphirin Diègue founded the Movement for the Integration and Emancipation of Disabled Women (MIEFH) in 2009. Living with a disability herself, Régine has been able to confront all the discrimination and barriers imposed on her by society, using her voice to stand for women, particularly those living with a disability. She is committed to advancing gender equality and responding to crises during natural disasters, which increasingly impact people with disabilities.

Régine’s determination to defend the rights of women with disabilities and making their voices heard has changed many women’s lives in the community of Cap-Haitien. Through economic empowerment and income-generating activities targeting women with disabilities, she’s supported dozens of them to become autonomous and regain their dignity.

Together with Nathalie Eleonor Vilgrain from MARIJÀN, Régine will carry out a peer learning project consisting of field visits and exchanges to discuss improved support services for GBV survivors, develop MARIJÀN’s accessibility policy, and implement a joint campaign on the inclusion of women with disabilities.