Meet Rana Gouda

Driving community initiatives and amplifying women’s voices, Rana Gouda serves as Director of Programs at Beesan Benevolent Association, where she manages projects promoting dialogue and peaceful coexistence. Her passion for women’s empowerment fuels her engagement with grassroots organizations in Palestine in support of women’s rights, education, and sustainable development.  

Rana was selected to participate in the Supporting Arab Women at the Table (SAWT) Fellowship Program, an initiative supported by the European Union and institutions like the Arab Reform Initiative and the American University of Beirut that honed her skills in supporting women’s political participation. She now manages Beesan’s theater training program focusing on women’s political participation and continues to advocate for safe spaces and crime prevention in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

In 2023, Rana represented Beesan Association at UNODC’s Youth for Impact competition, where she won the first prize.

Rana Gouda from Beesan Association, together with Bothyna Sobeh from Wefaq Association, will conduct trainings and site visits to learn from each other. The Wefaq team will train Beesan on gender-based violence, crisis, and conflict management. On the other hand, the Beesan team will train Wefaq on advocacy campaigns and project design. Both teams will subsequently implement a joint action to advocate for women’s participation in peacebuilding and humanitarian response using digital and creative approaches.