Meet Ouloum Audi

Ouloum Audi is a physicist and the president of Haqi-Awrath (My Right to Inherit), an association dedicated to eradicating economic violence against women. Driven by the conviction that societal shame often obscures women’s right to inheritance, she launched a powerful social media campaign in 2018 which shed light on the importance of women’s financial independence. Building upon this momentum, Ouloum founded Haqi-Awrath.

Through training workshops, engaging plays, and targeted media campaigns, Ouloum’s organization raises awareness among both women and men on the importance of inheritance rights, providing free consultations to help victims of inheritance deprivation claim their rightful share.  

Ouloum’s commitment, however, extends beyond inheritance. In addition to actively strengthening women’s economic standing, she and her team equip women with marketable skills and promote job opportunities and women’s products. Furthermore, Haqi-Awrath collaborates with specialized associations to provide protection for victims of domestic violence. 

Ouloum Audi from Haqqi-Awrath Association, together with Maryam Al-Dirani from the Naba Association, will exchange experiences on women’s rights and empowerment. Ouloum will provide trainings on economic violence against women and protection for the Naba team, while Maryam will lead trainings on advocacy and campaigning.