Meet Nathalie Eleonor Vilgrain

Nathalie Eleonor Vilgrain has worked in Haiti and Canada with survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and women dealing with mental health. She has expertise in fostering women’s political representation and advancing the rights of sex workers and LGBTQI communities.

A founding member and coordinator of MARIJÀN, a feminist organization run entirely by youth, Nathalie’s work focuses on advocating for social justice through activism and building the capacity of grassroots organizations. She has participated in the development of MARIJÀN’s GBV program, which offers training, support, and comprehensive care — medical, psychological, and legal — to GBV survivors, and the Active Girl program, which promotes the advancement of girls in sports.

MARIJÀN was one of the first organizations to go to the site of the August 2021 earthquake to ensure that girls from the most vulnerable communities received immediate help and information on sexual and reproductive health.

Together with Régine Diègue from the Movement for the Integration and Emancipation of Disabled Women (MIEFH), Nathalie will carry out a peer learning project consisting of field visits and exchanges to discuss improved support services for GBV survivors, develop MIEFH’s accessibility policy, and implement a joint campaign on the inclusion of women with disabilities.