Meet Moussokoro Coulibaly

Sidibé Moussokoro Coulibaly is an entrepreneur and the president of the Network of Women Economic Operators (RFOE). Driven by her commitment to advancing women’s rights, she brought together women in her neighborhood to create an association of processors of agricultural products.

In 2005, Moussokoro became the treasurer of the National Council of Employers of Mali in the region of Ségou. Years later, in 2020, she was appointed vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ségou, where she continued to train women entrepreneurs, including those affected by the security crisis.

As part of her fight for the inclusion of women in decision-making bodies in Ségou, Moussokoro has participated in several national meetings and projects with GIZ, PADRE and other organizations, advocating for women’s capacity-building and economic empowerment.

Together with Marie-Félicité N’daya from Fondation Femmes Plus (FFP), Moussokoro will conduct online knowledge exchanges and trainings to share experiences in and approaches to project management, monitoring and evaluation, leadership, and women’s participation in peace and security. Several members of the CSOs from different regions of DRC and Mali will take part in these online capacity building activities and will jointly develop action plans for future collaboration.