Meet Millius Nyamahunge

Millius Nyamahunge is a project assistant at the Oil Refinery Residents Associations (ORRA), a platform promoting environmental conservation and human rights of vulnerable communities in the Albertine Region in Uganda.

Millius has led campaigns to protect the rights of women and youth affected by oil and gas development projects, and to disseminate women’s stories on energy poverty and exclusion from lands’ acquisition. Her campaigns touch on the fossil fuel’s energy system, climate justice, gender roles and the consequences of climate change for local populations including forced displacement.

Millius has sensitized communities about climate adaptation and mobilized women’s groups to train them on sustainable practices. She is also promoting the land rights of women, children and the elderly and working to further their access and control over resources. While women constitute over 70% of the agricultural labor force in Uganda, they rarely enjoy the proceeds of their labor nor own productive resources such as land. The engagement of Millius has contributed to addressing conflicts arising from oil and gas developments and improve women’s socioeconomic status in the region.

Together with Joan Akiiza from the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE), Millius will develop a peer learning project to strengthen their advocacy and media engagement’s skills to promote the participation of vulnerable groups, including women and youth, persons with disabilities and persons living with HIV, in decision making and peacebuilding.