Meet Mi Mor

Mi Mor* started as a teacher in refugee camps witnessing the suffering of displaced people, which instilled a deep commitment to education, peace, and women’s rights in her. From 1992 to 2005, she nurtured young minds, particularly women, in schools across Mon State, Myanmar, while actively participating in the Mon Women Organization.  

In 2007, Mi Mor co-founded the Human Rights Foundation of Monland, and in 2009 she established an education center to train women and youth in leadership, civic engagement, and peacebuilding. Three years later, she founded JCS, an organization advocating for democratic values and women’s participation in their communities. Mi Mor’s voice for the Mon minority and for building peace in Mon State reached international spaces when she participatd in the 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference. 

Mi Mor from JCS, together with TO from WAP, will foster collaboration between both teams through trainings and exchanges on both programming issues and operational processes. JCS will train the WAP team on women’s leadership in crisis situations, while WAP will lead a training on crisis prevention and management for JCS.

*To ensure the protection of this WPHF partner, her name and identifying details have been changed.