Meet Marie-Félicité N'Daya

Marie-Félicité N’daya is a public health expert and the director of Fondation Femme Plus (FFP) in the Kasaï Central province since 2007. She’s specialized in conducting trainings on female leadership, women’s empowerment, and gender and conflict management.

Marie-Félicité leads the Mentoring and Initiation Program at the National Committee of Women Entrepreneurs, where she’s supported several women’s organizations and groups to write their business plans and obtain funds from banks for the development of micro-enterprises. Through her agri-food company, she’s employing a growing number of young people, unlocking their potential as entrepreneurs and change makers.

Marie-Félicité is committed to advocating for women’s participation in decision-making bodies, including peace committees and traditional conflict mediation mechanisms. Together with other women leaders, she encouraged the customary chiefs in her province to make commitments to facilitate the reintegration of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence and gender-based violence in their communities.

Together with Moussokoro Coulibaly from Réseau des Femmes Opératrices Économiques de Ségou (RFOE), Marie-Félicité will conduct online knowledge exchanges and trainings to share experiences in and approaches to project management, monitoring and evaluation, leadership, and women’s participation in peace and security. Several members of the CSOs from different regions of DRC and Mali will take part in these online capacity building activities and will jointly develop action plans for future collaboration.