Meet Majd Hammad

Majd Hammad is the director of Toward A Better Tomorrow for Development and Empowerment Association (NAGAT) in Jordan. where she focuses on vulnerable and refugee women and girls’ rights, especially of Syrian and Palestinian refugees. As a researcher in a civil society organization, she also got involved in humanitarian relief and crisis response work.

Majd has established a Special Council for Girls to increase the participation of girls deprived of education and health services in projects’ design and implementation, an initiative which received international awards. She also promotes awareness-raising of the local community about early marriage and gender-based violence.

With funding of WPHF, during the COVID-19 pandemic, NAGAT provided girls with non-formal education in sexual and reproductive health and vocational training programs. This organization seeks to build young feminist leaders able to engage in peacebuilding.

Through her work, Majd also advocates for the inclusion of local women’s organizations in humanitarian programming through organizational strengthening and networking with local institutions, schools, health centers and international partners.

Together with Deena Alkhaldi from Sama Al Badia Association, she develop a peer learning project to enhance their skills in feminist monitoring and evaluation in humanitarian contexts, youth mobilization, social inclusion of refugees, human resource and financial management and media engagement.