Meet Mafouné Cissé

After volunteering with the Alliance en Faveur des Droits de la Personne et de la Démocratie au Mali (AFDPM), Mafouné Cissé became its Advocacy and Gender Officer, specializing in the protection of women and girls’ rights through local and national advocacy efforts for the implementation of women’s civil rights legislation. At AFDPM, she also supports women to develop peacebuilding action plans.

Mafouné actively fights for women’s participation in decision-making and electoral processes by training women-led organizations in the Tombouctou region on the implementation of Law 052, which aims to promote gender equality in the right of access to nominative and elective functions. Since 2014, she’s been a member of the Network of Young Women Civil Society Leaders, where she currently holds the position of Executive Secretary of External Relations.

Mafouné holds a Master’s degree in Private Law.

Together with Bintou Dolo from Aide au Développement Durable (ADD), Mafouné will support the development of a communications strategy while attending trainings on project management, gender in humanitarian action, and multimedia content development. Both CSOs will also conduct advocacy and awareness raising activities to empower displaced women who survived gender-based violence in conflict-affected areas.