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Jordanian Women & Syrian Women Refugees Working Side-by-Side

In (city) and (city), Jordan, Syrian women refugees and Jordanian women, who qualify as low-income, are earning a living for the first time thanks to a grant from Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund. Working with local nonprofit organization, (insert name), these women received vocational training and are placed into jobs together.

“It’s not uncommon that people living in communities that host refugees can come to resent the services that refugees are provided, when they themselves are struggling,” said Ghita El Khyari, head of the Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund.

“The (insert name of CSO) saw a need in their local community to economically empower both Jordanian women and Syrian women refugees, and they recognized the opportunity to work with these women side-by-side to meet this need and foster relationships between the women that strengthen their communities.” To date, the project has trained and placed more than XX women in jobs.

Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund also supports XX other local organizations in Jordan that are helping to provide humanitarian response and protect the human rights of women and girls.