Haley Findlay

Haley Findlay designs thriving living systems for regenerative communities and cities, in which whole-system health and wellbeing increase continually. She’s an innovation alchemist, international speaker, earth investor, and advisor for unicorns, eco-entrepreneurs, next generation leaders, multilateral, multinational, and multidimensional organizations.

Findlay’s focus is on initiating a new socio-economic era that transcends gaps, creating infinite opportunities for humanity through a deep understanding of the relationship between body, mind, technology and environment. She brings extensive digital marketing experience and has built an ecosystem of 165M+ people through community building, social media, and networking.

A natural born connector who drives innovative business development strategies, new revenue models, and global digital and brand partnerships, Findlay’s passion is gamification and VR, and she believes that “life is a game, should you wish to play!”