WPHF is filling crucial funding gaps for local women’s organizations in Yemen, supporting them to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic and sustain their critical operations on the front lines.

Our Work

In Yemen, WPHF is channeling urgently-needed financing to grassroots women’s organizations working to sustain their operations and respond to COVID-19 and its urgent gender dimensions.

Our Partners

WPHF has supported 3 projects implemented by 3 women-led and women’s rights civil society organizations in Yemen: 

  • SOS Center for Youth Capabilities Development on a project to promote women’s awareness of UNSCR1325, leadership and community participation in all decision-making processes in response to COVID-19, creating positive mechanisms for partnership and coordination between civil society organizations in preventing and responding to the pandemic.
  • Ana Ahaq Foundation to sustain its work protecting women and girls during conflict, preventing SGBV, facilitating women and girl IDPs’ access to health services and empowering them economically through the development of its institutional capacities, including in accounting and human resource systems, as well as GBV case management.
  • Alf Ba’a Civilization and Coexistance Organization on a project to establish a women’s network in Aden, Lahaj, Abyan and Al Dalaa governorates of 20 women-led or women’s rights local CBOs affected by COVID-19 that are contributing to peacebuilding.

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COVID-19 Emergency Response Window Projects


Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab States region, is facing an intractable war and humanitarian crisis. According to UN OCHA, over 76% of Yemenis are in need of humanitarian assistance. The situation of women and girls in Yemen is extremely challenging, with conflict adding layers of vulnerability and exacerbating existing gender inequalities. In 2017, Yemen was ranked at the bottom of the Gender Gap Index 2017 (144th out of 144 countries).

Our Vision

In Yemen, WPHF aims to ensure the financing and coordination of local civil society organizations, empowering women as leaders and key humanitarian actors on the road to sustainable peace.