The Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund, in partnership with the Spotlight Initiative, is supporting women in Liberia to build peace by financing a range of CSO projects that combat gender-based violence and promote human rights and gender equality in conflict settings.

Our Work

In Liberia, WPHF and the Spotlight Initiative are partnering to channel rapid financing to grassroots women’s organizations working to end violence against women and promote human rights and gender equality in peace and security contexts.

We aim to enhance the safety, security and human rights of Liberian women and girls.

This financing is strengthening the capacity of women’s rights groups and social movements – including those representing youth and groups facing intersecting forms of discrimination – to advance progress on women’s empowerment, gender equality, and women’s contributions to peace across the country.

Our Partners

WPHF is actively supporting 8 women-led and women’s rights civil-society organizations in Liberia:


In 2013, Liberia celebrated 10 years of uninterrupted peace. These years of peace and virtual stability provided an opportunity for Liberia to begin to focus on its long-term development strategies and priorities. While progress has been made in improving the state’s capacity to respond to development issues, empowerment challenges remain, especially for women and youth. In 2014, Liberia was struck by the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak which rapidly became a full blown crisis.

The Issue

The EVD crisis overwhelmed Liberia’s health system and further splintered the social and economic gains made since the end of the civil crisis. The insecurity and stigma that was associated by the Ebola outbreak further reinforced gender inequities across the country, particularly putting women and girls at risk of sexual and gender based violence, compromising their health, dignity, safety and autonomy.

Complementarities & Partnerships

As per WPH Fund rules, which state that the entire funding goes to CSOs in countries where the Peacebuilding Fund Operates, 100% of the allocation will benefit CSOs in Liberia , thus serving as a great localization tool of the peacebuilding response. In Liberia, CSOs perform a wide range of roles in health, justice, education, politics and other general governance issues that contribute substantially to societal stability and development. However, CSOs are confronted with various challenges and obstacles that impede their effectiveness.

In Liberia, the WPHF will specifically focus on:

  1. Creating an enabling environment for the implementation of Women, Peace and Security commitments, building on gains made since 2009 when Liberia became the first post-conflict country to adopt a National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325.
  2. Strengthening women’s capacity to participate in decision making processes and responses related to conflict prevention and peacebuilding through support to women’s efforts to prevent and resolve conflict at the community level (including peace huts, peace clubs and early warning mechanisms).
The Added Value of the WPHF

In Liberia, the WPHF aims to address strengthen the capacity of women’s organizations to contribute to key processes such as the 2017 October elections, the Constitutional review process, the implementation of the national transitional plan/UNMIL drawdown, the decentralization processes, as well as the drafting process of the second NAP 1325.

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