The greater participation of Colombia’s women in peacebuilding will create stronger communities with the tools needed to enhance sustainable peace initiatives in the contexts of development, crisis, transition and recovery.

Our Work in Colombia

In Colombia, WPHF is working to enable women’s meaningful participation in the implementation of the peace agreement and to ensure women’s active engagement in the country’s peacebuilding and recovery efforts.


Colombia is one of four countries prioritized to receive immediate WPHF support through the Colombia Post Conflict UN Multi Partner Trust Fund.

The Colombian Peace process is the latest and most successful attempt to put an end to an armed conflict that has lasted more than 50 years. The agreement reached between the Colombian Government and the FARC-EP last year offers a unique opportunity to end the war and to reduce the high levels of violence associated with the conflict, including sexual and gender-based violence.

The Issue

Colombia’s conflict disproportionately affected women and girls, who account for the majority of more than 6 million victims. The peace agreement has brought hope with its specific provisions on truth, justice and reparation. The final text also has a very ambitious agenda in areas such as rural development and political participation that remain critical to overcome structural levels of poverty and inequality.

Colombia’s protracted conflict has resulted in a dire humanitarian situation having devastating consequences on the experiences of women, including displacement, homicide, threats, sexual violence and forced disappearances.

Complementarities & Partnerships

The WPHF is channeling funds through the Colombia post-conflict UNMPTF to promote synergies between the different peacebuilding interventions and increase cooperation between the Government, civil society organizations and multilateral and bilateral entities.

Women civil society organizations in Colombia are highly diverse and are built around agendas and processes of communitarian empowerment, the reconstruction of social ties, territorial defense and the protection and enforcement of rights in the context of armed conflict. Colombia’s CSOs also focus heavily on gender equality issues related to development, democracy and multiculturalism.

In Colombia, WPHF focuses on:

  1. Empowering local women CSOs to document threats to peace and demand an adequate response from relevant state institutions, while enabling local women to hold a substantial role in recovery and transition efforts to foster more resilient communities capable of responding and overcoming crisis.
  2. Supporting areas particularly affected by repeated emergencies in which indigenous and afro-descendant women live and the integration of these women’s voices in local peacebuilding initiatives.

Additional Funding Needs

$3,000,000 over 2 years

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