WPHF Funding Window for Women Human Rights Defenders

Call for INGO Partners

The Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund seeks to partner with non-governmental organizations working for the protection and participation of women human rights defenders in conflict and humanitarian contexts.

The 25 Jan deadline has Been Extended to 28 Jan. This call is Still Open

WPHF is calling for credible international, regional or national non-governmental organizations (I/NGOs) with experience working with WHRDs and women peace activists in fragile and conflict-affected contexts to apply to become a partner of the WPHF Funding Window for Women Human Rights Defenders.

Selected I/NGO partners will collaborate with the WPHF Secretariat to provide grant management services, support identification and ongoing communication with WHRDs and engage in coordinated efforts for their protection and participation.

  • Eligibility

Interested I/NGOs should have a proven track record working on women’s rights, feminist and human-rights based principles, addressing protection issues of women and girls, as well as demonstrable experience of mobilizing quickly to support the safeguarding of WHRDs at risk.

  • Size of Grants & Funding

WPHF will grant a maximum of $400,000 USD to an I/NGO and up to $700,000 USD for a consortium of I/NGOs to deliver on activities to meet objectives.

Does your I/NGO have experience supporting women human rights defenders and women peace activists in conflict and crises settings? Apply to become an I/NGO Partner of the WPHF Funding Window for WHRDs today.

Application packages should be emailed to WPHF-WHRD@unwomen.org with the subject line: WPHF-WHRD I/NGO Partnership CFP before the 28 January 2022 deadline.
Applications are accepted in English.
WPHF will hold an information session for Interested I/NGO Applicants on Thursday 13 January at 15:30 Geneva (9:30 EST). Register your interest for the webinar at: WPHF-WHRD@unwomen.org
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