Meet Yapama dite Bintou Dolo

Yapama dite Bintou Dolo is a Partnerships and Communications Officer at Aide au Développement Durable (ADD). She has led community-based peacebuilding dialogues with a focus on gender equality and social cohesion, and has actively participated in the organization of youth dialogue forums around the deployment of ‘reconstituted’ army battalions — set up by the 2015 Algiers Agreement — to the Kidal region.

Given her experience in lobbying for security, justice and inclusion, Bintou collaborated with Amnesty International in 2022 to document and report human rights violations in the Sahel’s three-border region (Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso). She also works closely with other organizations, including the International Criminal Court’s Trust Fund for Victims, where she was assigned as the gender focal point for the assistance program for victims of the crisis in conflict zones in Mali; and Sacred Hut Association (La Case Sacrée), where she works as a volunteer.

Together with Mafouné Cissé from the Alliance en Faveur des Droits de la Personne et de la Démocratie au Mali (AFDPM), Bintou Dolo will support the development of a communications strategy while attending trainings on project management, gender in humanitarian action, and multimedia content development. Both CSOs will also conduct advocacy and awareness raising activities to empower displaced women who survived gender-based violence in conflict-affected areas.