Introducing the next phase of our global campaign

60 by 20 for Women Working to Build Peace & Respond to Crises

After meeting and surpassing its $40 million campaign target, the Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund has an ambitious new goal to mobilize $60 million in financing by the end of 2020 to support women’s participation in settings of conflict and humanitarian crises.

2020 constitutes a bold new milestone in recognizing, quantifying and showcasing the concrete contributions of women peacebuilders and humanitarians around the world.

$60 million will enable WPHF to expand its operations to emerging crises around the world and establish a critical new funding stream for women’s participation in peace processes.

As we count down to the landmark 20th anniversary of UN Security Council 1325 in Oct 2020, here are concrete steps that governments, the private sector and individuals can take to support women peacebuilders & first responders worldwide.

For governments

  • INCREASE funding to the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, and to women-led and women’s rights organizations working on peace and security and humanitarian issues
  • CHAMPION emerging issues and address gaps such as women’s participation in peace negotiations, including through the implementation of the UN Secretary General’s recommendation to WPHF to open a rapid response window for women’s participation
  • ADVOCATE for increased participation of civil society organizations—including WPHF-supported grassroots organizations working on women, peace and security issues—in diverse strategic fora and dialogues on peace
    and security at the national and international levels
  • ENHANCE efforts to support and protect women human rights defenders and women peacebuilders
  • RAISE awareness by communicating with national constituencies and the general public—in partnership with WPHF—on the importance of the participation of women and their organizations in peace and security and humanitarian decision-making processes

For the Private Sector

  • PROVIDE a grant to support the work of WPHF-funded women’s organizations
  • FEATURE WPHF in employee giving campaigns
  • ENGAGE employees in volunteering their talents and time to help advance WPHF’s mission
  • COLLABORATE with WPHF on social media and cause marketing campaigns to raise awareness and funds
  • DRIVE innovation for women peacebuilers and humanitarians by leveraging technical and human resources to foster collaboration, facilitate exchange and multiply impact

For Private Individuals

  • SUPPORT the work of WPHF with a one-time or monthly donation at
  • USE your voice as a WPHF social influencer to help amplify the work of women working to build peace and respond
    to crises. Follow us and stay engaged at @WPHFund

Join the global movement leveraging the power of women for peace and humanitarian action. Help us reach 60 by 20 for women working to build peace and respond to crises.


Together, we can mobilize support for women who are changing the world.

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