Which country will you support?

Our Funding Board decided on a longlist of eligible countries based on the peace and security and humanitarian situation, the potential added value of the WPHF and the needs of civil society organizations on the ground.


The Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund is looking to rapidly mobilize much-needed resources to support women's organizations and the United Nations in Bangladesh to address urgent challenges facing Rohingya refugee women.

Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, the WPHF aims to empower CSOs to promote gender inclusion in local peacebuilding initiatives, help accelerate economic recovery, and contribute to women and girls’ resilience and leadership in order to help facilitate the country’s social cohesion and political stability.


In Haiti, the WPHF aims to support CSOs to reinforce protection of women and girls’ human rights, empowering them to engage in the design of activities and services to ensure their safety, physical and mental health and facilitation of economic recovery.


The WPHF aims to fund civil society actors from ethnic women’s organizations and broad-based civil society peace forums, providing critical platforms where women can effectively influence their country’s peacebuilding agenda.

Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, the WPHF aims to provide assistance for women’s CSOs to advocate for the implementation of a comprehensive Women, Peace and Security Action Plan to respond to the urgent needs of the Highlands region.


In Somalia, the WPHF aims to strengthen the capacity of women’s organizations to identify and respond to threats by establishing networks, early-warning systems and mechanisms that offer opportunities for dialogue and peaceful engagement.

South Sudan

In South Sudan, the WPHF aims to support CSOs to break down barriers to women’s effective participation in peacebuilding programs.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the WPHF aims to provide timely investment to empower and scale up women’s CSO engagement in leadership, peacebuilding, security and mobilization of women and girls—particularly from minority groups.

A number of countries are already receiving funding, and doing great things.

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