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We support women civil society partners in countries facing dire peace, security and humanitarian challenges.


The Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund is looking to rapidly mobilize much-needed resources to support women's organizations and the United Nations in Bangladesh to address urgent challenges facing Rohingya refugee women.


In Burundi, WPHF is working to promote the leadership of women and their organizations through community level economic empowerment projects while supporting advocacy initiatives in the field of peacebuilding and recovery.


In Colombia, WPHF is enabling women’s meaningful participation in the implementation of the peace agreement and ensure women’s active engagement in the country’s peacebuilding and recovery efforts.

Democratic Republic of Congo

In the DRC, WPHF aims to ensure the financing and coordination of local actors that promote women as key actors in ending violence against women, protecting human rights, leading humanitarian response and building economic resilience toward sustainable peace.


In Haiti, the WPHF aims to support CSOs to reinforce protection of women and girls’ human rights, empowering them to engage in the design of activities and services to ensure their safety, physical and mental health and facilitation of economic recovery.


In Iraq, the WPHF aims to promote and enhance women’s engagement, leadership, empowerment and participation in decision making to counter violent extremism.


In Jordan, WPHF is providing vital support to women Syrian refugees in the realms of economic empowerment, protection of their human rights and combating sexual and gender based violence.


In Liberia, WPHF is supporting women to contribute to peace by financing local CSOs working to end gender-based violence, promote women's rights and advance gender equality in conflict settings.


In Malawi, the WPHF aims to establish and support grassroots women’s civil society networks with enhanced capacities to advocate, initiate and participate in gender sensitive humanitarian action within disaster-affected areas and refugee/IDP camps, prioritizing skills transfers and resilience building for lost livelihoods.


In Mali, WPHF is supporting women to contribute significantly to the restoration of peace by financing projects that significantly enhance women's participation in peacebuilding and economic recovery.


The WPHF aims to fund civil society actors from ethnic women’s organizations and broad-based civil society peace forums, providing critical platforms where women can effectively influence their country’s peacebuilding agenda.


In Nigeria, the WPHF aims to support CSOs to strengthen local women’s involvement in conflict prevention, improve policy coherence and coordination between key actors, and enhance women’s meaningful participation in decision making at all levels of the country’s peace and security sector.


In Palestine, the WPHF aims to increase the participation of women in political decision making, give voice to their protection concerns, address and prevent some of the root causes of their vulnerability to violence and build their leadership and resilience in local communities.

Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, the WPHF aims to provide assistance for women’s CSOs to advocate for the implementation of a comprehensive Women, Peace and Security Action Plan to respond to the urgent needs of the Highlands region.

South Sudan

In South Sudan, the WPHF aims to support CSOs to break down barriers to women’s effective participation in peacebuilding programs.

The Pacific: Fiji, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu

Across the Pacific, WPHF is supporting the development of an innovative and sustainable model of engaging women’s civil society organizations and mainstreaming gender into humanitarian response.


In Uganda, WPHF is supporting women to contribute to peace by financing local CSOs working to end gender-based violence, promote women's rights and advance gender equality in conflict settings.

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